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Morelli electronics s.r.o

Morelli Electronics s.r.o. was established at the beginning of 2013 by connecting long-term partners in the field of electronics. Mutual experience on both sides and the need for greater production efficiency, not only in the field of assembly, led to the founding of our own company which deals with the production of custom-made electronics. 

Our company provides a complete service in the field of production and assembly of printed circuit boards. The company´s head office is located in Lanškroun. This town is historically connected with companies dealing with electronics whose history is connected with the legend in this area, namely the original company Tesla.

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Our technologies

SMD mounting


Production is provided by two flexible lines that are able to process the vast majority of what today’s component manufacturers offer.

Assembly line I

SMT line for prototypes and small series is fully automated and used for serial production. 

  • Capacity of up to 240 types of components 
  • Assembly capacity 42,000 CPH 
  • Size from 0201 to 56 x 56mm 

Assembly line II

SMT line for medium and larger series is fully automated. All machines are controlled by a central network computer to optimize the process. 

  • Capacity of up to 160 types of components 
  • Assembly capacity 63,000 CPH 
  • Size from 0201 to 56 x 56mm

THT mounting

    Wave soldering is a traditional mass soldering method in electronics. It is used for soldering printed circuit boards fitted with terminal components (THT) with terminals in the form of wires.
    In principle, the procedure is identical to wave soldering. The flux is applied selectively, usually with a spray fluxer, only to the places intended for soldering. A miniature nozzle will then solder the required points only. It is especially used for soldering PCBs with different sizes and different components, mainly for soldering components with leads through the board.

Manual soldering

  • Nowadays, there are many products that cannot be produced without the help of human hands. 
  • One of the areas in which human assistance is necessary is manual soldering. 
  • The work of our employees is professional and precise. We put emphasis on the experience of each worker. We provide them with the best conditions for their performance and the production of precise products, according to our customers´ requirements.

Optical inspection

  • AOI – Automatická Optická Inspekce
  • This technology enables non-contact optical measurement, flexible and fast programming compared to electrical testing systems. 
  • It is suitable for almost all stages of the SMT and THT production process.
  • We operate one 3D AOI and two 2D AOI.



We provide testing according to our customers´requirements.



We provide completion up to the final packaging of the products, including transport to the end customer.


  • we offer coils and transformers winding. We wind various types of coils and transformers which can be used in various fields of industry and research
    • winding is provided by using programmable gradual winding with a wire diameter of 0.03mm to 1.8mm.

Potting and varnishing

  • our company also offers varnishing and potting of printed circuit boards
  • varnishing protects your DPS from negative effects of the environment
  • potting compounds protect and insulate electronics against external weather conditions
years on the market
220 000 000
components per year
500 000
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