Quality policy

Morelli Electronics s.r.o. focuses on assembling printed circuit boards and producing electronic devices.

The main goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of customers, strengthen their trust in products, provide high quality products, strengthen the good name of the company and to be amongst the leading manufacturers of this assortment. At the same time the company aims to minimize the negative impacts of its production on the environment, the health of employees and residents. Therefore, the company wants to develop and produce products that are reliable and safe for their intended use, and that are environmentally friendly.

To fulfil these objectives, the company management made a decision to introduce and maintain a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Morelli Electronics, s.r.o. undertakes:

  • to meet the requirements of applicable legislation and other regulations concerning quality, safety and environmental protection related to its activities
  • to meet the requirements of their customers so that all their expectations and the required technical level of the product according to IPC standards are met
  • to widen the range of customers with other key customers
  • to continuously provide the evaluation, maintenance and, if appropriate, to increase the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system
  • to take into account the opinions and recommendations of customers, employees, suppliers and representatives when taking measures to improve the quality of the services
  • • to raise awareness of the importance of quality and environmental protection in all the spheres in which the company is active or those that the company is able to influence
  • to ensure the safety and health protection of the workers in all company activities
  • to prevent environmental pollution and evaluate the environmental impacts of its activities before commencing activities related to the production of a new product

Achieving the above commitments presupposes their consistent reflection and adherence in the activities:

  • of all the company emplyees
  • of all the company suppliers

In order to implement the quality and environmental policy, the management of Morelli Electronics s.r.o. undertakes to create the necessary sources.

The quality and environmental policy is binding for all employees of the company and is available to all external partners of the company.